Improving My English VS World Cup 2010

John Naisbitt in his Global Paradox (1994) said that English is a universal language. In this century and next, English will continue to be a Global Language. In addition, English is used as an academic language. In many universities, including ICRS-Yogya, where I will be a student, lecturing and presenting will be conducted in English. Therefore, I have to master English even if I face challenges in improving my English. The desire to improve my English is both personal and based on external aspects. There are many challenges, which I face in improving my English, however, for me the biggest challenge will come with World Cup 2010. The problem of how World Cup 2010 will be the biggest challenge to improve my English will be described in this short article.

In March 2010, I applied to a Ph. D. program in ICRS. After Several weeks, I received a letter from the Admissions Committee informing me that I was to be a potential student in ICRS. Yet because my TOEFL score was under the required score, so I was invited to attend a 16 week Pre-Ph.D. program from May 10 until August 20, 2010 to improve my English ability and increase my TOEFL score. Because of that, I will spend all of my time and do my best to make my English better.

To improve my English however in that time is not easy, because I will have a big challenge relating with my hobby: watching football. As we know the FIFA World Cup 2010 will be held from June 11 until July 20, 2010. It is the party which is waited by football lovers all over the world every four years. It is like a ritual that must be obeyed by football lovers, even if they must leave their normal activities. In Indonesia, three matches will be broadcast live every day, starting form 7 pm until 2 am. It is a difficult situation for me. I am very confused to choose between watching World Cup 2010 and learning English in my room.

I have been waiting for this event for several months. I can’t wait to watch World Cup 2010. But if I watch all of the matches, it will be difficult to realize my goals in attending the Pre-Ph. D. program. My first goal will be to increase my TOEFL score until 550. But to obtain that score is not easy. I must add more than 50 points to get that score. So, there is no choice except I must study hard and do as much practice as I can. My second goal is to become an expert in academic writing, so I can write papers or my dissertation well. It’s hard for me to express or develop my ideas if I can’t write in English well. My third goal is to become a good English speaker. It will help me to attend my class in ICRS, both in discussion and presentation.

Realizing my goals described before is very important thing. If I can realize these goals, I will be succeed in ICRS because at ICRS English is the Academic language. But I can’t ignore my desire to watch World Cup 2010. However, I have to make a good decision. It means that I must improve my English and enjoy my hobby. Finally, I decide to watch only one match, and then I will learn English in my room. I think this is a win-win solution.

written by Ayi Yunus Rusyana
from Yogyakarta


4 thoughts on “Improving My English VS World Cup 2010

  1. hehehe…brother ayi, now we are here in ICRS program. the whole program is in english… but sometimes to tell jokes, we still our own national language…cos it is not easy at all to tell jokes using the third or even the fourth language… but I still try to learn to tell jokes even also in English… hehehehe… namanya juga coba-coba man… mari kita saling mendoakan dan mendukung… bukankah begitu brother ayi???

  2. Mas Ayi! I just saw this and and am thinking of our great English class 😀 I am going to look through your other blogs, woohoo your English is great!

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